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      Total Security Solutions

  • Aren't you concerned as to how insecure our home and business premises are today ?
  • Don't you feel the need for early preventive measures to combat this threat
    before it's too late ?
  • "Prevention is better than cure".
  • The 21st. Century is for Information Technology and he who is most informed
    will be the winner.


       We Offer Right Solution at Right Prices

  • Bank
  • Safe Deposit Vault
  • Hotel
  • Conference Hall
  • Departmental Store
  • Entrance
  • Factory
  • Hospital
  • Educational Institution
  • Jewellery Shop
  • House
  • Parking Lot
  • Shops
  • Supermarket
  • Warehous

     We are associated with Hi-tech internationally renowned companies to offer
     Products and Solutions, Which are one of the most valuable Loss Prevention,
     Safety/Security and Management Tools available today, such as,

  • Advanced CCTV System Camera - Monitor - Other Accessories
  • Electronic Security Systems Smoke Detector - Glass Break Detector - Alarm Systems
  • Remote Video Surveillance Systems
  • Audio / Video Door Phones
  • Access Control Systems
  • Digital Voice Recorder

       Some of the Benefits / Features of these System are :

  • Saves Costs
  • Helps in Preventing loss of people and property
  • Reduces time wasted for necessary action
  • Improves overall Productivity and Efficiency
  • Keeps you aware, alert and informed
  • Records images for later viewing of past events
  • Compatible with PCs
  • Easy to operate

     We Devise, Design, Supply and Commission a tailor made system for your exclusive needs.

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